Refugee Learning Nest opens its doors

April 6, 2015

It is with immense pleasure that Same Skies communicates the latest news from our project in Indonesia. Since April, Refugee Learning Nest (the Nest) has been running classes for 37 children, divided into three ability groups, and instructed by eight volunteer teachers from the refugee community. This has made an enormous difference to the children and parents’ lives!

The level of commitment and dedication demonstrated by all involved has been extraordinary. In the Pre-Primary class for example, many of the students could not even recognise, let alone write the English Alphabet before the classes started, but now, after a short time, all are confident spellers, and are expanding their vocabulary daily.

Furthermore, the Nest has introduced Women’s English Classes. We are lucky to have a team of very competent and knowledgeable female volunteers building their skills to manage and deliver this activity.

In addition to sports play during recess breaks, the Nest has begun to organise proper sports training activities for children, particularly soccer games which is clearly the most popular sport among the community. The Same Skies team was particularly happy to witness the girls and women playing sports, as for most of them, this would have been impossible in their countries of origin. Same Skies recognises how important sports and games can be for the mental and physical well-being of the community and is committed to support the community to find sustainable solutions to create regular activities.

In other developments, the Nest has been running Women’s Handicraft Classes twice a week, using donated resources collected from many of you, our friends and supporters in different countries. The women were particularly impressed by over 80 sets of knitting needles and crotchet hooks, which are too expensive for them to buy locally. The volunteer instructors are providing a safe educational and social space for 20 women, and are working towards sustainability in terms of funding and collecting resources.


We want to thank you all again for your ongoing support to Same Skies and Refugee Learning Nest!​​​​​​​​​

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