Visit to the Nest & Refugee Learning Center

May 2, 2016


Same Skies has just returned from a two-week trip to Indonesia!

This time, we were lucky enough to welcome two new members to the team! Poppy Browne is a qualified Australian social worker who has been living in Indonesia for the last few months. Tracey Donehue is an experienced Australian teacher, who currently lives in Vanuatu. Both of them have broad experience working with refugees and asylum seekers and were invaluable in the design and delivery of our training sessions.

It was the first time that we supported several refugee groups – our flagship project “Refugee Learning Nest” (the Nest), our new baby “Refugee Learning Center”, as well as a brand new group called “Cipayung Refugee Educational Center”. Altogether we catered for a training group of more than 40 participants! We conducted diverse trainings on Language Teaching Methodologies, Syllabus Design & Lessons Planning, Leadership & Group Dynamics, Team Building, Conflict Resolution & Mediation, Behaviour Management, Project Management, Budgeting, Web Design, Fundraising & Donor Communication, Photography, Bahasa Indonesia Teacher Training, Living Values, Yoga, and Meditation. In addition, Tracey conducted diagnostic testing with all the teachers and provided them with individual study plans to improve their own English, and consequently their teaching ability. Throughout the whole week, the participants were very engaged and eager to learn, and we would like to thank them all for their enthusiastic participation and valuable contributions! It is a pleasure to learn with and from them!!

As always, we delivered in-kind donations, such as laptops, tablets, TV and DVD player, a sewing machine, fabrics and handicraft materials. This was made possible by our generous supporters in Australia and Switzerland. Thank you!

Furthermore, we had some constructive meetings with other stakeholders, such as UNHCR Indonesia and Suaka (Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection). We discussed how we could partner and coordinate our activities more closely to deepen and widen our impact.


We would like to thank the many members of the refugee community who contributed to a successful visit by providing morning and afternoon tea for us, cooking lunches, cleaning and organising things! You are truly amazing!


Cipayung Refugee Educational Center is a new learning centre that has been established by a group of refugee volunteers without any external assistance. They currently have 33 students in 4 classrooms – and growing every day. Community members are contributing whatever they can, but the facilities and resources are extremely limited. The group has approached Same Skies for support but unfortunately we currently don’t have the financial capacity to support them (we did however, include them in our training). Please consider making a donation to them or us. Thank you!

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