First refugee-led community centres handed over to refugee communities

March 7, 2017


Same Skies Executive Director, Julia Frei, Training & Development Manager, Bradley Short, and the Vice-President of the newly established Malaysian Board, Wei Tan Zheng, have just returned from a handover visit to Refugee Learning Center & Refugee Learning Nest in Indonesia. 

A massive thank you goes to Wei Tan Zheng and Abdullah Sarwari, who have recorded countless hours of footage of our visit and will now produce a short video about our work to be published soon!

The highlight of our visit was clearly a fantastic celebration day spent with the team of Refugee Learning Center. We are incredibly proud to see that together we have built up the capacity of their team so we are no longer needed, and that they can now operate independently of Same Skies. But rather than being sad about our last visit, we decided to celebrate our joint achievements and the beginning of our new Partnership Agreement for lasting friendship & cooperation. We enjoyed ourselves sharing delicious Afghan food, playing games, swimming in the pool and chatting into the night... And Same Skies awarded to each refugee volunteer a medal and a certificate of excellence to recognise their committment.

Refugee Learning Center will need to continue to raise funds in order to support their ongoing costs, and we would like to encourage you to keep supporting them. Thank you! 


We also conducted some final training workshops with Refugee Learning Center, on Group Decision-Making, and on Developing an Organisational Vision & Goals. The outcome was rather impressive:


Vision Statement: An empowered, educated and diverse refugee community.

  • Goal 1: Providing education for refugees, and preparing them for the future.

  • Goal 2: Facilitating communication & cooperation between diverse people & cultures.

  • Goal 3: Providing meaningful engagement for the refugee community.

  • Goal 4: Developing the capacities of the volunteers. 

In addition, Bradley Short conducted a session on Habits of Thinking & Resilience with about 60 teenagers at Refugee Learning Center. 


Unfortunately our relationship with the management team of Refugee Learning Nest has become rather challenging lately. We have noticed that the trust we have built over the last couple of years has been eroded, as volunteer and management changes have taken place. These recent changes have had a large impact on the level of communication and openness between Refugee Learning Nest and ourselves, and therefore we were only able to spend a short amount of time with them, concentrating instead on the ongoing collaboration with Refugee Learning Center.

Regardless, Refugee Learning Nest assured us that they are now ready for independence as well, and that they are working towards ongoing sustainability. We wish the team all the best for their future.

Same Skies is now preparing to support a new group of refugees in Malaysia. Please help us to do so by donating to our ongoing campaign!


Thank you very much for your ongoing support! 



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