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Transformative Leadership in Action

Rethinking leadership, impacting the world

Why we developed the programme

Same Skies Transformative Leadership in Action programme

Increasing social disruption

There are an unprecedented 79.5 million displaced people in the world. Many live in uncertain circumstances with insufficient support and protection. 

Community-based solutions

Top-down solutions

Too many attempted solutions are designed without sufficient involvement of the affected communities, relying on unsustainable handouts.

Cross-sectoral collaboration

Lack of cooperation

The world is growing more interconnected, yet, stakeholders are not collaborating sufficiently to resolve social issues. Opportunities are missed and resources wasted. 

Same Skies Transformative Leadership in Action programme

Promoting global citizenship

We all share an ethical responsibility to care for each other, the next generations, and the planet – as individuals, entities and governments.

Same Skies Transformative Leadership in Action programme

Fostering collaboration

Actors from different sectors are connected, combining diverse knowledge, experiences and resources.

Positive impact

Creating positive impact

Participants become stronger (social) leaders by learning how to co-create solutions together with affected communities.

How the programme offers solutions

What makes the programme innovative?

Blended learning

Blended learning

In this seven-month action-based learning programme, participants study online, and co-create a refugee-led project to put new knowledge into practice.

Same Skies Transformative Leadership in Action programme

Refugee participation

The team includes seven refugees who take on long-term responsibility for the management of the project with continued mentoring support from Same Skies. 

Same Skies Transformative Leadership in Action programme

Transformational change

The diverse team of participants is challenged to leave their comfort zones and strengthen their skills, despite and through their differences. 

Transformative Leadership in Action

Different ways to get involved


Become stronger leaders and socially responsible global citizens.


Foster leadership and social responsibility by supporting their team members to participate.


Provide scholarships to refugee and low-income participants.

Refugee teams

Take on responsibility, benefiting from support and funding to realise their solutions.

Admission requirements

  • Desire to become a stronger leader and/or socially responsible global citizen​

  • Advanced-level English skills

  • Willingness to leave your comfort zone

  • Open-mindedness, respect and tolerance

  • Commitment to take on responsibility for & ownership of a project for at least seven months

  • Computer skills, and access to a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection

With the support of

Amani Institute
Potato Productions
Same Skies
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