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Refugee Learning Center

79.5 million forcibly displaced people

More than ever in history

Refugees are people forced to flee their home countries to seek safety from fear of persecution or death. They often have to wait long periods of time in uncertainty because many governments are decreasing the number of resettlement places offered. Meanwhile they are usually not allowed to work or study while they await the processing of their cases. They often suffer the effects of trauma and separation, with insufficient protection frameworks to adequately address their mental and physical rehabilitation.

The challenge

Refugees being polarised

Refugees are increasingly used to polarise societal opinion & limit integration.

Refugees are too often perceived as incapable and vulnerable; as a burden and a drain on host countries.

Community-based solutions

Top-down service-delivery lacks consultation on needs,
& creates dependency.

Refugees are not given ownership and decision-making rights, and their skills and ideas go unutilised.

Lack of communication

The lack of communication & coordination leads to inefficiency.

The offered assistance is unable to meet demands, creating helplessness, ​confusion, and mistrust.

Our vision

A peacefully & ethically shared world

Our mission

Promoting global citizenship through collaborative leadership

We use a community-based approach emphasising strengths, resilience & access to human rights. We call this Refugee-Led Action.

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