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The pursuit of happiness

By almost anyone’s reckoning, 2020 has been a pretty glum year. It has upended the best-laid plans, and forced billions of people around the world to make radical changes to their lives. However, according to the Ipsos’ Global Happiness Survey 2020, happiness is almost as common this year as it was last year, falling by just one percentage point from 64% to 63%. Interestingly, it has increased by five points or more in six countries: China, Russia, Malaysia, and Argentina, while decreasing by five points or more in 12 countries, most of all Peru, Chile, Mexico, and India.

Bhutan famously turned heads at a United Nations Forum when it proposed Gross National Happiness as a paradigm for alternative development in 1998. Vanuatu is another small nation with a large reputation for happiness, and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit, you would probably see why.

Moving optimistically into a new year, we’re interested in happiness on a personal level, and we’re keen to learn from one another, and to share within our community the things that make us happy. We would also love to think that our vision at Same Skies, of a peacefully and ethically shared world, contributes to happiness, and we hope that being involved as supporters, volunteers, team members, and advisors, makes hearts swell with that extra bit of love and contentment.

What your money will do

CHF 32,000.- will allow us to extend the support to our existing refugee partners in Indonesia and Malaysia for six months, to keep training refugee entrepreneurs at Kneading Peace in Melaka, Malaysia, and to start the third round of Transformative Leadership in Action in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. 


For the refugee groups, we will offer individual monthly mentoring sessions for each team member, financial contributions, networking opportunities and needs-based training opportunities. Jakarta Bersatu Project will additionally benefit from monthly training workshops (online for now, and once possible, on the ground again).


Our trainees at Kneading Peace will receive personalised training, support and accommodation, as well as start-up funding and a starter kit of equipment upon programme completion. Programme alumni are also provided with continued mentoring support and networking opportunities.

Through Transformative Leadership in Action we will co-design and initiate a new refugee-led education project. We will provide seven months of online training, coaching and project mentoring, as well as 12 months follow-up support to the refugee team.

Whom your money will benefit

Refugee Network Center

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Refugee Network Center is the result of the first Transformative Leadership in Action programme in 2018. This highly diverse team of refugees and locals provides vocational skills workshops, language classes and networking opportunities to increase the livelihoods of refugees. 

Refugee Learning Center

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Refugee Learning Center approached Same Skies at the end of 2015, and we have been supporting them ever since. The centre provides eduction for refugee 300 children and 100 adults, and is independently run and managed by the refugee team - they even conduct their own fundraising. 

Refugee Learning Nest

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Refugee Learning Nest was the first project established and supported by Same Skies. The refugee team provides children’s education, handicraft and literacy projects for women, sports (football & Taekwondo) and heath & hygiene information sessions.

Jakarta Bersatu Project

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Bersatu Project is our latest project for increased refugee livelihood opportunities. 

The refugee team is just getting started and will offer Indonesian classes, arts and crafts training and networking with local markets willing to sell refugee products.

Kneading Peace

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

Kneading Peace is our social enterprise - a café built around a training programme for refugee entrepreneurs. During six intensive months, they receive baking, enterprise and creative training, and are coached to develop business plans. 

Leadership Programme

Location: Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Transformative Leadership in Action is our seven-month programme for participants who want to learn how to create sustainable impact. It connects refugees with international supporters who want to become part of a refugee-led project, while strengthening their own leadership.

Thank you! You are amazing.


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