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Refugee-Led Action

We use a community-based approach that focuses on strengths, resilience and access to human rights, and encourages refugees to take ownership of projects. 

1   Co-designing refugee-led solutions

We help refugee groups identify and prioritise their challenges, and realise solutions from design to evaluation. Our aim is to strengthen community and encourage independence and financial sustainability.

2   Training, coaching & mentoring

We help individuals and groups think critically, recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and improve the structures needed to lead and manage successful community projects.

3   Creating a global community to shift paradigm

We partner with like-minded people to improve refugee assistance. We drive change by promoting Refugee-Led Action and innovative leadership, and we connect people across borders.

Refugee-Led Action
Ongoing projects

Leadership Programme

Location: Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Transformative Leadership in Action has gone into its third edition in February 2021. Together with an amazing team of participants, we are in the process of co-designing a new refugee-led project that will enhance the access to education of refugee children in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.


Jakarta Bersatu Project

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Since February 2021, the team of Jakarta Bersatu Project has been working together with the refugee community and supporters to enhance refugee livelihood opportunities. Their activities include Indonesian classes, arts & crafts training and networking with local markets willing to sell refugee products.

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Kneading Peace

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

Kneading Peace is our social enterprise - a café built around a training programme for refugee entrepreneurs. During six intensive months, they receive baking, enterprise and creative training, and are coached to develop business plans. 

Independent refugee partners

Refugee Network Center

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Refugee Network Center is the result of the first Transformative Leadership in Action programme in 2018. This highly diverse team of refugees and locals provides vocational skills workshops, language classes and networking opportunities to increase the livelihoods of refugees. 


Refugee Learning Center

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Refugee Learning Center approached Same Skies at the end of 2015, and we have been supporting them ever since. The centre provides eduction for refugee 300 children and 100 adults, and is independently run and managed by the refugee team - they even conduct their own fundraising. 


Refugee Learning Nest

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Refugee Learning Nest was the first project established and supported by Same Skies. The refugee team provides children’s education, handicraft and literacy projects for women, sports (football & Taekwondo) and heath & hygiene information sessions.

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