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Refugee-Led Action

We use a community-based approach that focuses on strengths, resilience and access to human rights, and encourages refugees to take ownership of projects. 

1   Co-designing refugee-led solutions

We help refugee groups identify and prioritise their challenges, and realise solutions from design to evaluation. Our aim is to strengthen community and encourage independence and financial sustainability.

2   Training, coaching & mentoring

We help individuals and groups think critically, recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and improve the structures needed to lead and manage successful community projects.

3   Creating a global community to shift paradigm

We partner with like-minded people to improve refugee assistance. We drive change by promoting Refugee-Led Action and innovative leadership, and we connect people across borders.

Ongoing projects

Refugee Network Center, Malaysia


Refugee Network Center is the outcome of the first round of Transformative Leadership in Action. The centre aims to connect refugees with livelihood opportunities in Kuala Lumpur by strengthening their capacities and building a network. 

They provide workshops like English and Malaysian language and jewellery making. They also teach refugee participants how to sew plastic banners into shopping bags and make-up pouches. Once they master the skill, they sell the bags at bazaars. 

Jakarta Bersatu Project, Indonesia

Jakarta Bersatu Project is our latest project designed through Transformative Leadership in Action. Since February, the participants have been working together with the refugee community, locals and internationals to develop refugee livelihood opportunities. Their online activities will include Indonesian classes, arts & crafts training and networking with local markets willing to sell refugee products.

Independent refugee partners

Refugee Learning Nest, Indonesia


This was the first project established by Same Skies. It was originally conceived during a workshop in September 2014 that was attended by around sixty Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian refugees.

Today Refugee Learning Nest provides regular education for refugee children, and English and Indonesian classes for adults. Their students are from different backgrounds and don't speak the same language but thankfully that is not something that would stop the team. Not wanting to let their children grow up without education has been their motivation from the start. When new students join they are taught English first to be able to learn other subjects, which are then taught in English.

Refugee Learning Center, Indonesia


In November 2015, a second group of refugees who live nearby Refugee Learning Nest and had heard about us, asked Same Skies for support. 

Refugee Learning Center provides regular access to education for over 200 refugee children and adults from 6 - 70 years old. The centre is independently managed and funded. The welfare of their communities is their main motivation. ​As refugees in Indonesia they don’t have access to the most basic human rights. They are not allowed to study or work. Instead of wasting their time doing nothing, they decided to unit forces to educate the children in their community, rather than watching them waste their childhoods. 

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